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Go Truck Traveling Billboard Advertising





 Millions of people travel the highways, freeways, city streets every day, driving to work, meeting friends, driving home, going on vacation.  Imagine having your product  service or logo shown to millions, this is what we call Power Impact Advertising.

 We are an innovative outdoor advertising company that specializes in providing our clients with high profile  Mobile billboard messages in prime locations on our highways  throughout the United States and Hawaii, Puerto Rico.

 By using the power of highways, byways, freeways, and your local home town streets we’re able to present a message that’s larger than life. Our Mobile billboard advertising  adds energy and color to an otherwise inactive, vacant space. The result is a Tractor Trailer that not only looks great
 but also conveys your message to millions of traveling motorist
Billboards are fabulous – their mere size commands attention 

 We are helping Businesses DRIVE Their Name Coast to Coast. What makes Great Mobile Outdoor billboard advertising? Warren Berger, author of ‘Advertising Today’ said it  best- It’s about  Being in The Right Place at The Right Time With Something Unexpected.
                                              Outdoor Advertising Stats
98% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they noticed truck-side ads, according to a study by the American Trucking Association. 


Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard, according to Perception Research 

Nearly 30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they would base a buying decision on the ad they See

97% recall of the advertising message when you use mobile advertising, according to RYP & Becker Group

Compare 97% recall (above) to a 19% retention rate for static signs, based on an independent survey by Capitol Communications Group

74% of heaviest commuters don't watch TV news, and 27% of them do not read a newspaper. These heavy commuters drive more, make more money, are higher educated and are more likely to have children - according to the Arbitron Outdoor Study.

Builds brand recognition 


       Own the Highways with Your Traveling Truck Ads.


Go Truck Traveling Billboard Advertising, Reserves the right to not print any AD which it determines to be libelous, offensive and/or obscene in nature and/or content, and/or in violation of any copyright or trademark laws. If we decide NOT to print your banner for any reason, we will refund the full amount you paid for banners, less creative services authorized by you.


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